Aug 24

Week of 8/24/15 – Tech Revolution


  • Open the “Internet of Things Project Guide” on Google classroom
  • Create a new “Google Presentation” within the Google Classroom assignment page.
  • When creating your invention, think about the following:
    • What sensors are needed to collect data?
    • How will your system communicate with other systems?
    • How will this improve life for you or others?


  • Work on the Internet of Things Part 1 – Worksheet




See if you can list the sensors used in this video



  • Classroom Expectations and Procedures were reviewed via a remote Prezi presentation.
  • On online quiz regarding the expectations sheet will be given on Friday.
  • The signed expectations sheet is also due Friday


  • Today we finalized our login credentials and enrolled in the course GoogleClassroom
  • We also demonstrated our MS Word knowledge by composing a quick Bio about ourselves.