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Jan 20

Creative Tech Enrichment Options

When you have finished any of your regular classroom assignments, you may explore any of the Technology based enrichment sites below. Focus on just one, or hop around and explore for your favorite.


Aug 24

Week of 8/24/2015 – Creative Tech


  • Classroom Expectations and Procedures were reviewed via a remote Prezi presentation.
  • On online quiz regarding the expectations sheet will be given on Friday.
  • The signed expectations sheet is also due Friday


  • Today we finalized our login credentials and enrolled in the course GoogleClassroom
  • We also demonstrated our MS Word knowledge by composing a quick Bio about ourselves.

Aug 19



Today we welcomed the class to the first day of Instructional Tech class and discussed the course information. During our discussion we talked about how technology is rapidly changing and how computer literacy (skills) is essential to students today and in the future….See the Amazon video we watched in class here…


Download an extra copy of the info sheet handout out in class here…

Your info sheet is due tomorrow: Please watch the video below to answer the last question on the sheet…



Welcome to Mr. Kelsey’s Instructional Technology Computer class. Please take a moment to bookmark this site for future reference. This site will act as your launching point for classroom activities and contains many of the links to our resources you will use in class. If you are on twitter, facebook, or youtube, take a moment to follow the social media links above to stay up-to-date with all announcements and updates.